Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
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Individualized Services Provided Include:

  •  Individualized Work Assessments/Job Tryouts.
  • Job Preparation/work skills training.
  • Job Development and Job Placement Services.
  • Job Coaching.
Individualized work assessments/Job Tryouts

The community based Work Assessment andJob Tryout are tools to help you explore your career goals and to empower you to achieve those goals.  They consist of a trial placement with an employer in a field of your interest. Upon completion of the assessment, a review of the findings will be held with the vocational team members consisting of you, your VR counselor, and/or Case Manager.   

Job Development and Placement Services

Together as a team, we will work towards obtaining employment that best matches your personal interests and skills. A job development plan will be created with you and your vocational team. This plan will identify employment goals, objectives, and individual responsibilities to achieve your goals. Other job development services include development of a master job application, resume building, job search log, interview training, and prospective employment tours.

Job Preparation/Work Skills Training

This service is individualized and intensive support one-on-one with our employment staff geared to prepare you for job development and placement.  Instruction and training on workplace social skills, interviewing, and success on the job are just a few of the subjects you may cover with this service.  It is geared to give you the tools to achieve success in the workplace.

Job Coaching

After employment is obtained, KETCH can provide a qualified Job Coach per the individual’s needs to monitor progress, establish natural supports, provide needed assistance and instruction, work with the vocational team, act as a consultant to the employer and co-workers, provide sensitivity training, and share information about the role of the job coach to ensure successful employment.    

 “Opportunities create the possibility for growth and empowerment; therefore, all
people have the right to equal opportunities - to experience or withdraw, to
succeed or fail, - with their decisions being respected."

Benefits to YOU:

  • The opportunity to hold a real job and earn competitive wages
  • Careful matching of YOU to the job.
  • Access to professional job coaches and employment training specialists.
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • The development of self-esteem and independence that comes from holding a job.
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