Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
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Adult Life Skills


The purpose of the Adult Life Skills (ALS) program is to help the persons we serve become more self-sufficient and to increase participation in a variety of life experiences. ALS offers a non-work option for persons more interested in recreational and leisure activities. Trained ALS staff can also assist with personal care including feeding, changing, and bathroom needs. Persons can choose to attend full-time or part-time.

A typical day in ALS:

8-9   a.m.         Arrive, take care of personal care needs, leisure time.

9-10 a.m.         Work on goals, communication skills, and/or physical therapy activities.

10-2 p.m.        Choose either a community activity or in-center activity.

Community activities typically include:

Visiting Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, Museum of World Treasures, Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita River Festival, Kansas State Fair, Great Plains Nature Center, and Wichita Center for the Arts.  Other activities include trips to the YMCA for swimming, art classes, horseback riding, shopping, parks, Starbucks, as well as other Wichita restaurants and many other activities.

In-Center activities typically include:

Music hour, cooking class, volunteer projects, science and nature projects, computer games, dancing, exercise, story hour, current events, classes on: how to share, rights and responsibilities, how to treat friends, health and safety, personal hygiene, motor skills, plus many other activities

11:30 a.m.         Lunch (persons served must bring a lunch everyday)

2-2:30 p.m.        Personal and leisure time

2:30-3:30 p.m.    Restroom, pack items and notes from the day to take home

3:30-3:45 p.m.    Leave for the day

Staff Support:

  • Staff must have a high school diploma, pass background checks, and complete an initial two-week orientation, including classes such as CPR, First Aid, MANDT, and medication training.
  • Program participants will have opportunities to express the qualities they prefer in the staff who work with them.
  • Generally, each staff member works with three people in order to focus and meet individual needs.

Health and Safety:

  • Full-time registered nurse and LPNs.
  • Full-time behavioral specialist.
  • Doctor visits KETCH facilities weekly.
  • Routine visits by psychiatrist, speech-language pathologist,physical therapist.
  • Fire, tornado, and other safety drills are practiced.
  • KETCH maintains a safety program. KETCH believes it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of others.


For admissions information or to schedule a tour please call 316.383.8700 to speak to our admissions coordinator.