Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
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Country Acres Rededication


KETCH To Hold Rededication Ceremony for Country Acres Apartments
Organization Celebrates Completion of First Phase in Building a Future of Success Campaign

KETCH will celebrate the reopening of its recently rehabilitated Country Acres apartment complex
in west Wichita by holding a rededication ceremony on July 26, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. The three 10-unit apartment
buildings have been under construction since early 2010. Immediately following the ribbon cutting ceremony,
tours of the new Country Acres apartment complex will be provided.

The apartments were originally constructed in 1984 as a two-building complex. The complex was expanded to
include a third 10-unit building on the property in an effort to increase the number of affordable and supportive
housing units available for adults with developmental disabilities.

“The people we serve have very low income. On their own, they cannot afford quality housing,” said Ron
Pasmore, president/CEO, “KETCH typically has to subsidize their housing costs.”

With the renovations the buildings will have a higher efficiency rate allowing KETCH to focus more resources on
services to individuals served in the residential program.

“KETCH will be able to more efficiently provide residential services in these new settings,” said Pasmore.

The $2.3 million dollar project near Central and Tyler was funded by several resources including the Kansas Housing
Resources Corporation as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s tax credit exchange program
for low-income housing. An additional $150,000 grant was also awarded by the Federal Home Loan Bank Topeka
as part of the Affordable Housing Program.

KETCH has also been able to secure $15,000 through the Spirit Aerosystems Good Neighbor Fund for the commons
areas in each apartment building. The Goebel Family Star Lumber Charitable Trust also contributed $20,000
towards the project. Other contributions include $22,000 from the Kansas Elks Association Ladies Major Project
and $10,000 from Women of Wichita.

KETCH currently serves 161 adults with developmental disabilities in its residential program. Through this residential
program individuals are taught daily life skills such as cooking and cleaning. The organization is making a
consorted effort to provide affordable and accessible housing as the private housing market cannot meet all of
these needs at a cost individuals with developmental disabilities can afford.

“Individuals will benefit by having access to a home setting that is attractive, designed to meet their needs, and
affordable,” said Pasmore.

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