Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
Helping Kansans with disabilities to live and work in our community by promoting choices, independence and a better life.
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  • Home
    Introduction to KETCH Since our beginning in 1964 the Kansas Elks Training Center for the Handicapped, Inc. (KETCH) has stood as a leader in the rehabilitation industry, serving more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities. Much has changed since then, but one thing remains the same—our commitment to help people with disabilities live and work in the community. Our mission is to help people with disabilities live and w… more»
  • Programs & Services
    KETCH offers a comprehensive set of supports through our programs and services.  All of our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of adults with developmental disabilities whether it be daily life skills training, development of vocational skills, or assistance with in-home activities.  KETCH is well-established as a leader in the rehabilitation industry with over 50 years of experience in integrating people with disabi… more»
    • Targeted Case Management
      Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a service to help you coordinate and monitor services to meet your needs. TCM Services Development of Support Planning: You and your Targeted Case Manager will work to develop a Person-Centered Support Plan to assist in meeting your preferred lifestyle. Assessments: Your TCM will interview you and members of your team to ensure your satisfaction in services and to assure your programs meet your needs… more»
    • Day Supports
      At KETCH we value each person’s right to live a fulfilling and active lifestyle.  We offer a variety of day programs that not only encourage educational, social, and physical experiences but community inclusion as well.           Adult Life Skills Adult Life Skills is designed for individuals with disabilities who cannot physically tolerate a full-time vocational training program.&… more»
      • Adult Life Skills
          The purpose of the Adult Life Skills (ALS) program is to help the persons we serve become more self-sufficient and to increase participation in a variety of life experiences. ALS offers a non-work option for persons more interested in recreational and leisure activities. Trained ALS staff can also assist with personal care including feeding, changing, and bathroom needs. Persons can choose to attend full-time … more»
      • PACE
        PACE (Program for Adaptive Care and Environment) was developed to meet the unique needs of individuals with Autism and behavioral issues. The program environment, activities, and social interactions are structured, but flexible to increase opportunities for learning. The program is non-vocational. PACE helps participants to focus on appropriate behaviors and positive social skills. PACE’s mission is to help persons serve… more»
      • Encore
        The Encore Center for Lifelong Enrichment (referred to as Encore) is a daytime activity program for seniors with developmental disabilities. Encore’s mission is to provide people with daytime activities that address their physical, social, spiritual, psychological, sensory, and natural support needs. Encore serves: People of retirement age (50+) People who want to remain active in their community People who want to participa… more»
      • Community Connections
        The Community Connections program is a non-vocational alternative to other KETCH work or employment programs.  The program is centered around community outings, structured educational, social, and physical activities as well as community interaction through volunteerism and service.  Services Based on needs and desires, Community Connections will offer training and assistance in daily living skills, participation in community … more»
    • Employment Services
      Our mission: to empower individuals to discover their independence through community employment. The KETCH Employment Services team will provide consultation and resources for your business to match your employment opportunities with qualified and reliable workers.       Why Employment Services?       The KETCH Employment Ser… more»
    • Work Services
      What is Work Services? KETCH provides on-site vocational training that teaches you important job skills that can help you enhance your success in a job in the community.  In the program, you will learn job skills, work rules, what kinds of jobs you prefer and the benefits you will receive from working.  Wages are paid and based on your work productivity.  Our goal is to help you develop job skills in order for you to achie… more»
    • Residential Services
       Residential supports are key to individuals with disabilities obtaining and maintaining the highest level of independence possible.  Through our Community Living program, KETCH provides training, support services, and assistive technology to allow individuals with disabilities to do just that.  Options for Community Living settings include apartments, homes, duplexes, or the family’s home.  Based on each individ… more»
      • Group Living
        Those participating in group living are provided varying levels of staff support and training to individuals living in homes owned or leased by KETCH. Generally, one to eight individuals can live in a supervised group living setting. The level of staff support is determined by the needs of individuals living in a particular group setting. Support includes overnight staffing and 24 hour support seven days per week.  Areas of support … more»
      • Apartment Living
        Apartment Living provides staff support to individuals who live in their own apartments through the Kansas Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (KHRC).  The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program provides quality, accessible, affordable apartments for those with limited incomes.  Persons who live in the apartments must income qualify to live in the apartment setting through KHRC.  Apartment Living settings i… more»
      • Community Supports
        Community Supports provides staff support to individuals who live alone or with a roommate.  Persons participating in Community Supports typically own or lease their own home or apartment.  The amount of staff support provided is based on individual needs and does not include overnight support.   Staff are scheduled at intervals during the week and weekend and assist persons served with tasks such as cooking, sho… more»
      • In-Home Family Support Services
        In-Home Family Support Services provides or arranges for scheduled periods of relief and assistance to families who support an adult living in the family home.  If the person lives with their birth, adoptive, or foster family, they can receive training and support to assist them to remain in the family home.  Training and activities are provided based on the person’s level of need.  The focus is to assist the person t… more»
    • Other Services
      Training and Rehabilitation:Based on needs and desires, programs at KETCH offer training and assistance in daily living skills, behavioral support and coping skills, access to and participation in community activities, development of social skills, nursing care, physical therapy and speech-language therapy. Health and Services:The individual's support team and licensed nursing staff will monitor and assist with personal hygiene and healt… more»
    • Admission Process
      The admission policy at KETCH is based upon the State of Kansas and the requirements of the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act. To receive services from KETCH an individual must be diagnosed with ID/DD and be 18 years of age or older.   Exceptions apply when a contract is initiated by area school districts for Board of Education students 16 years of age and older. The following steps apply to individuals seeking services at … more»
  • Business Solutions
    KETCH Business Solutions is an excellent resource for companies of all sizes. Your company will save TIME and MONEY. Learn more. Services provided for your company will be done through the Work Services program. The Work Services program provides on-site vocational training that teaches adults with developmental disabilities important job skills that can help each person enhance their success in a community job.   View the… more»
    • Products
      KETCH Business Solutions is an excellent resource for companies of all sizes. Your company will save TIME and MONEY. Learn more. Services provided for your company will be done through the Work Services program. The Work Services program provides on-site vocational training that teaches adults with developmental disabilities important job skills that can help each person enhance their success in a community job.   View the… more»
      • Air Filters
        For over 30 years the KETCHaire filter has been recognized regionally for its premium high efficiency multi-pleat and disposable panel air filtration products and its support of the ASHRAE Standard 52.2 industrial air quality standards for most HVAC applications. Our primary filtration products are currently installed to customers of all sizes in over 250 governmental, educational, commercial, medical, and industrial accounts. … more»
      • Safety Glasses
        KETCH offers a variety of Crews Safety Glasses meeting ANSI Z94.3/Z87. Crews brand provides protection against moderate impact hazards, metal chips, particles, and sparks. Tinted lenses provide sun glare protection only and are not to be worn in welding environments. Special welding lenses provide protection from infrared rays and have the shade number stamped on each lens. No welding lenses are offered for sale on this page. However, tho… more»
    • Fulfillment Services
      Fulfillment Services For the past 50 years the KETCH Work Services group has been recognized regionally as a reliable fulfillment service resource for light repair, assembly, packaging, mailing services, textiles and product refurbishment.   As a supplier of small contract services to numerous governmental, educational, commercial, medical and industrial customers our primary mission has been to provide the highest qu… more»
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  • Jobs
    Prospective KETCH Employees: Welcome to KETCH! KETCH, the Kansas Elks Training Center for the Handicapped Inc., is a nationally recognized rehabilitation service organization. What began in 1962 as a small vocational training workshop, has today become a comprehensive and progressive organization committed to serving people with disabilities at home, at work, and in the community. At KETCH, we believe every person, regardless of dis… more»
    • Current Openings
      CAREER OPPORTUNITIES WITH KETCH 10/11/2019         Stop by our KETCH HIRING EVENT Wednesday Oct. 16th   2:00 to 4:00  at 230 S. Ida - Wichita     Behavior Trainer – PACE1:  (2) FT, M-F 7:30-3:30 or 8:15-am to 4:15pm.  A rewarding opportunity arranging and providing support services which enable people with autism to participate in meaningful tasks and acti… more»
    • Online Application
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    • EEOC Statement
      EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM It is the policy and intent of KETCH to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws concerning non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity.  KETCH will not unlawfully discriminate in regard to the terms, conditions, or benefits of employment because of any person’s race, color, sex, pregnancy, marital status, age (except where age is a bona fide occu… more»
  • Donate
    The only difference we see is the one that can be made. Donate $50 pays for two weeks of gas to transport a KETCH client to and from work.$100 provides funding to purchase clothes for a KETCH client starting a new job in the community.$250 provides assistance for five persons with disabilities to enjoy community outings for one month. $500 improves the quality of food purchased for one month to feed at least four persons with disab… more»
  • About Us
    ) Learn about KETCH more»
  • Contact Us
    KETCH1006 E. WatermanWichita, KS 67211 Phone: 316-383-8700Fax: 316-383-8715  Hearing Impaired Assistance: 1-800-766-3777 Media Inquiries: Phone: 316-383-8889Email: Request More Information more»
  • Emp Resources
    To log on to MyMITC Mobile please go to  (NOTE: Please do not type this in your Google or other search boxes. Make sure to type this in your Address Bar) 1. Once you are on the correct website (it should have our logo) please click on the Log On button) Desktop version : Mobile Version: Note: the remaining instructions will be on the mobile version, however, the instructions should be identical … more»
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